"Mapping the World in High Resolution 3D. Unlocking Performance for Ultra-Large 3D Visualisation".


VIZZIO is a venture-backed technology company developing novel reality capture tools for 3D mapping, reality modelling (Object, Space, City), object tracking and classification. Our team has built an ultra-fast hardware/software platform that allows users to easily scan and accurately digitise object, physical spaces in 3D, with the same resolution as industrial laser scanners, but at a fraction of the cost.
By pushing the boundaries every single day, in everything we do, we bring to life visualisations of everything from apartments, UN-BUILT architecture & infrastructure, AS-BUILT environment to master planned cities, delivering satin-smooth animations & interactive virtual experiences.

Game Changing Technology. Literally.

We harness the tools developed by the gaming industry — and apply them to architecture and city planning. Our visualisations help to sell properties off the plan and support business leaders to communicate proposed infrastructure in a uniquely immersive way.
The company was founded by a team of researchers and entrepreneurs from Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College, MIT & Tsinghua. We are a venture capital backed 3D visualization and reality capture company. Our vision is to enable everyone to capture the world in 3D with smart devices and share it across a plethora of platforms and medium, creating the world's largest database of 3D content for the web.
Our tools combine proprietary eye-safe MEMS laser scanning, RGBD Depth Sensing and silicon nano-photonics with advanced A.I. edge+cloud processing algorithms to produce sensors capable of mapping space and motion, enabling users to acquire easy, fast and inexpensive means of accurately capturing reality.
We are creating a digital representation of the physical world. Every Road. Every Building. Every Vehicle. Every Device. Every Street Sign. Every Traffic Light. Everything.
At the heart of this innovation is the re-invention of the thing we used to call a MAP, continuously UPDATING and EVOLVING from two-dimension to three. From outdoors to indoors and from human scale to MACHINE-SCALE where accuracy is measured in centimetres. This re-imagined map is the core enabling data-set for the 21st century, the foundation for endless opportunity, for businesses, for cities, for people and for society as a whole.
We capture and publish 3D model about real-world interiors and exteriors. And we do it on a global scale. We have pioneered and created an automated 3D reconstruction and scene-understanding system that takes real-world spaces and makes them digital. Dimensionally accurate. Incredibly robust. Game changing.
We provide a blazing fast, embed-anywhere, fully-immersive 3D scanning & visualization platform that can turn 2D content into stunning multi-dimensional, interactive, digitally reconstruct environments for use in web, augmented and virtual reality experiences on and off-screen.
With more than 500 patents accumulated (USPTO & China), our team has worked on automotive GPUs, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, LIDAR, Motion Gesture Control, 3D Navigation Maps, User Interfaces & Holographic Volumetric Display. We have got some groundbreaking stuff in the pipeline that changes the way we see and consume what’s happening in our world.
VIZZIO Technologies moves people, businesses and cities forward by harnessing the power of location and mapping. ​We empower our customers, partners and developers to achieve better outcomes by leveraging our open geospatial data platform.
We provide a comprehensive portfolio of digital solutions that capture, measure, and visualise the physical world and enable data-driven transformation across industry ecosystems. Our reality-capture technologies create digital worlds from different views, whether a single dimension between two walls in a house, cadastral boundaries of properties or 3D shapes of cities, infrastructures, utilities, entire countries or even crime scenes. These digital worlds provide actionable information vital for understanding, planning and execution. During execution, our positioning, guiding and visualisation solutions empower users to work with the highest efficiency and quality. We are putting data to work to boost efficiency, productivity, and quality across industrial, manufacturing, infrastructure, safety, and mobility applications. Our technologies are shaping urban and production ecosystems to become increasingly connected and autonomous — ensuring a scalable, sustainable future.


We have built an automated AI platform consisted of hardware + software for 3D capture, model computation, rendering and display using ultra-fast GPU-embedded AI deep learning machines. The entire process of creating 3D content is automated and computed by machines and algorithms, no humans are involved. Model/Point cloud data captured by the scanners are then processed in real-time ON THE EDGE and the final 3D geometry assembled by an array of GPU servers in the cloud.
We have also developed DEEP generative models to learn to synthesize realistic images from 64 global sources and map you ANY CITY in the world without the need to send the need for drones. Artificial intelligence (AI) that can synthesise realistic 3D Terrain and City Model in high-resolution 4K/8K textures and still run smoothly in the browser at 60 FPS. Our visualization platform offers unique 3D GEO DATA with the world’s highest quality commercial satellite imagery. We are mapping the entire world in high-resolution 3D. Precise, accurate geospatial analytics & visualisation - at a global scale.
Our technology is fundamentally re-shaping the future of Digital Twin by equipping reality-capturing devices with the ability to see, understand, interact with, and learn from their environment. We built products with depth perception A.I. that enables you to create new and innovative ways to connect with the world, powered by real-time visualisations of high fidelity 3D reality models and IOT sensors that can transform the way you build the cities of the future.


A.I. Modelling vs Human-based Modelling

Vizzio uses technology to transform the way to capture as-built information and consume 3D data. Traditional techniques require the procurement of expensive equipment and the use of software that is processed at the desktop level.
The Conventional way of modelling 3D assets - Expensive & Laborious
These techniques are slow and require a large amount of processing time. Using deep learning and artificial intelligence, Vizzio moves the processing of information from the desktop to the cloud and EDGE. Taking the humans out of the loop, we are able to dramatically speed up the capture and conversion process.
Our workflow - Automated and Modelling via Smart Machines and A.I.
  • OBJECT SCANNING: Ultra-high-precision metrology-grade autonomous 3D scanning creates highly accurate 3D models of objects with various textures, sizes and geometries;
    • Hardware & Software solution tailored for capturing optimal datasets for photogrammetry. Suitable for most object types thanks to 5 motion axis and adaptable scan volume
    • Besides manual control options, the reality capturing system provides several automatic capture modes for generating ideal coverage. Pathfinding algorithms ensure fastest and safest travel around an object
Metrology-Grade Automated Scanning System - 3D Object
Automated AI Scanning ANY object. Metrology Grade
MAGIC BOX: 3D Object Scanning. Metrology Grade. 4K Textures.
Take pics or videos & our server will generate them into 3D models
Customer Project: ROLEX & Chow Tai Fook
Interactive 3D for Ads & Experiential Retail
Customer Project: Porsche 2020
  • INDOOR REALITY: Ultra-fast 3D mapping and visual documentation of buildings and their assets is speeding up the way AEC, Insurance, Facilities Management and Real Estate industrial-applications collaborate and communicate throughout the lifecycle of a building or facility
    • Our mapping devices allow you to map wherever humans can go: staircases, uneven surfaces, attics, interior, exterior, no matter how complicated or dense the space
    • Continuous rather than stop and go, data acquisition + High-end optics and advanced A.I. algorithms enable real-time processing of point clouds
      • 30x faster than traditional static laser scanners (Leica/FARO)
      • Can cover 10,000 square foot in 45 mins
    • Goes wherever humans go: staircase, uneven surfaces
    • Generate Revit models 3x faster than traditional point cloud based methods
    • Building analytic platform to detect objects of interest such as fire alarms
      • Useful for asset detection & management, smart buildings and IOT
    • indoor/Outdoor GPS
    • Thermal as well as visible light imaging OPTIONAL
      • Useful for data centers, or moisture detection
Rich collection of tools for indoor/outdoor reality mapping
SCANZ Family of Indoor/Outdoor Scanning System (NVidia GPU)
Indoor & Outdoor Long-Range Reality Capturing System
2D Floor Plan, 3D Models automatically generated by algorithms.
SCANZ Series Indoor Reality Capturing System.
Indoor & Outdoor Scanning - Output to Point Cloud + BIM + MESH
LIVE DIGITAL TWIN (TM) - Converting LIVE Video Stream into 3D models
  • AERIAL MAPPING: CUDA-Enabled GPU A.I. Processing of imagery from drones and other Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), i.e. 3D reconstruction & camera tracking algorithms to extract distinctive groups of pixels that are, to some extent, invariant to changing camera viewpoints during image acquisition

GEOSPATIAL Modelling - Geospatial 3D Model Generated by Generative A.I.

Artificial intelligence (AI) that can synthesize realistic 3D Terrain and City Model in high-resolution 4K/8K Textures and still run smoothly in the browser at 60 FPS. We are mapping the entire world in high-resolution 3D. Precise, accurate geospatial analytics & visualisation - at a global scale. Backed by Smart A.I. Mission and operational planning to situational awareness: Our visualization platform offers unique 3D geodata with the world’s highest quality commercial satellite imagery.
Constantly Updated & Refreshed 3D map.
We developed DEEP generative models to learn to synthesize realistic images from 64 global sources and map you ANY CITY in the world without the need to send our drones.
In this regard, we are one baby step ahead of GOOGLE.
France 3D - Computed by A.I. No drones needed.
London in 3D - Computed by A.I. No drones needed.
Tokyo 3D - Computed by A.I. No drones needed.
Taiwan 3D. No drones needed.
Singapore 3D - Computed A.I. No drones needed.
    • Multi-CORE Parallel-Processing CUDA application framework for computing images into models on the cloud. No dependencies or docker required.
    • Through the use of computer vision — AI applied to visuals — computers can intelligently understand each point in a scan, or triangle in a model, and comprehend its relationship to all the other points or triangles in the dataset. This gives us the ability to automatically fill in the blank spots, straighten out warped walls, and even understand depth more effectively to recreate a more realistic relationship between substrates and the objects that sit on top of them. Ultimately, AI paired with improved scanning techniques will not only allow us to see a car’s license plate from space, but even render the ridges of that license plate’s letters, and the reflections of its paint.
Cloud-Processing Modelling Pipeline
GPU Computing Server GRID
  • WEB BASED VISUALISATION TOOL enables users to (a) view a high-fidelity 3D model (b) virtually navigate a 3D space or aerial city model on desktop, mobile, and virtual reality HMDs, (b) tag, locate, and manage assets, and (c) measure dimensions of scenes, or objects accurately.
    • We optimise 3D datasets from massive point cloud scans and deliver to mobile, AR and VR. This is all done with our patented graphics processing algorithmsI. Imagine the entire world scanned in 3D to the detail of a single grain of sand.
    • The other biggest issues our customers and partners encounter is the sheer amount of time it takes to import large 3D models into game engines - let alone optimising them for smooth runtime performance. VIZZIO's STREAMING 3D technology approaches the problem from a different perspective by letting you skip: Importing the original 3D asset Manually optimising the 3D asset Reality capture and scanned 3D models can mean large data sets. Increase the capture quality or scan a larger area and we're easily talking terabytes, even petabytes of data. Storing, transferring and optimising such large amounts of data becomes a burden in and of itself.
    • To tackle this, VIZZIO's STREAMING 3D applies multiple optimisations and reorganises your input 3D scene into a hierarchical data format and delivers 60 FPS performance. Big data also means big computation jobs, thus our service is hosted in the cloud for infinitely scalable parallel processing. Our optimization of the 3D layer applies the following "fixes" to your 3D scene: Automatic Generation of Level of detail (LOD) generation for meshes and textures Draw call optimization Patented "incremental" and "differential" mesh compression Platform specific texture generation The 3D data can then be accessed by the light-weight runtime component. It streams in only the required data based on a given camera location. VIZZIO STREAMING 3D actually streams the content to be rendered on the end-device. This enables use cases where network connectivity might not always be available.
    • Big 3D data is big - even compressed. And with VIZZIO's patented ”3D Streaming" technologies, it can be as big as you like it to be. This means you should never be hindered by anything other than the speed of your connection to stream the 3D for real-time rendering. And this is exactly why we multithreaded our runtime and deliver you 60 Frame Per Second (FPS) rendering performance.
Browser-based Viewer allows portability across a plethora of devices
Visualise on Tablets, Phones ANYWHERE, ANY NETWORK
Digital Twin in your Pocket - Mobile Phones & Tablets
Modelling entire Singapore in under 2 weeks!
    • VIZZIO is currently working with its cloud partners on a global SaaS platform that will enable individuals/small businesses to perform 3D scanning and modelling without specialised equipment while offering cloud package solutions for larger businesses that require Vizzio’s hardware products.
Cloud-Agnostic (Huawei Cloud, AWS, AZURE, GOOGLE, Ali-Cloud) Modelling Server Architecture


AETOS - Singapore
7 Adam Park - Surbana Jurong Global Academy
AETOS New Command & Control - Incorporating IOT data from Surbana Jurong 24K platform
Digital Twinning SJ + AETOS facilities in Singapore. Integrating Temperature, Pressure sensors, CCTVs and elevator data. Covering 86% of 3D Singapore in high-fidelity models, point clouds and BIM
Guangxi Police & Surveillance 2020
Mapping 7200 square kilometer of VIRTUAL GUANGZHOU
Powerful 3D City Model Visualization in accurate, consistent detail.
Entire UK mapped in high-fidelity 3D model - without the need


  • Applications: Heritage Preservation, GeoSciences, Security & Surveillance, Real Estate, Survey, Insurance, Facilities & Asset Management, Emergency Planning, Smart City, Urban Redevelopment, Oil & Marine Engineering, Digital Twin and the AEC industry;
Target Market for 3D Mapping & Modelling
  • While video games and film drive technologies like graphics, rendering, VR and AR forward, AEC tends to lag behind. Adoption in these industries combined with consumer adoption dictate the technology that makes its way into AEC. While experts create content, it is consumer purchasing that supports the software and hardware choices that game and film studios make. In AEC, the consumer isn’t particularly interested in buying software and hardware to view visualisations. The consumer is buying a building. Visualization technology is often an afterthought as it is merely there to facilitate the sale of a much more expensive item. As a result, the “core business of visualization has pretty much plateaued”.
  • AEC companies that adopt new visualization technology can get out in front of their competitors by developing more compelling pitches for new business. Companies that are among the first to develop more immersive visualisations will raise the bar for everyone and move the industry forward.
  • VIZZIO has set up an initial direct sales team for many of the targeted segments in the Singapore market, addressing the larger enterprises and government agencies, and will also work in partnership with the relevant systems integrators for the Singapore market.
  • Vizzio currently plans to set up regional sales offices for selected geographical expansion focusing on enterprises and government agencies, initially in Australia and/or Thailand, and subsequently in the UK (EMEA) and Indonesia. However target expansion markets can be re-prioritised based upon the strengths of a strategic partner.
  • Vizzio will also launch a unique SAAS "3D Modelling As A Service" global platform to be launched in 2H 2020/Q1 2021.
Advancing Visualisation & Modeling in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction)
3D Model being used for visual documentation for construction site build progress


  • Ultra-Fast scanning/mapping + Patented A.I. Based Modelling techniques and near-automated digitisation workflow. We take the human out of the loop and differentiate us from the rest.
  • Ability to create geospatial models using Computer Vision, Deep Learning algorithms and Neural Network Analytics.
  • World Scale 3D Scenes in any application. 60 FPS Optimised Visualisation technologies enable the storage of super-high-resolution “World-Scale" 3D content in the cloud and streaming directly to end-user devices at levels of quality that exceed other solutions on the market. This drives massive adoption especially in dashboard and IOC applications
  • Reduce cost and time deliverables for customers due to A.I. Modelling capabilities.
  • Important differentiator in sales and tendering 3D visualization impactful - weaponizing sales pitches.
Our Strength & Differentiation


  • 512 Patents Filed & Awarded to date for a 2 year old startup.
512 Patents filed with USPTO and China Patent Office
  • LIGHTMAGIC China has won numerous recognition of its cutting edge technology and has registered an explosive revenue trajectory since commencing commercial sales.
  • Winner of China's Most Prestigious IT Competition 中国创新创业大赛 2019 (jointly organised by the Ministry of IT, Ministry of Trade & Industry, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, China Police Force, China Academy of Science, 中央网信办 中华全国工商联合会 Won total prize money RMB 8 millions. Beating 37 thousands companies across 33 provinces to emerge Guangzhou City Champion, Guangdong Provincial Champion and National Champion.
China Entrepreneurial & IT Competition 2019
  • Proven & Battle-Tested Business Model in China, won RMB 39.5 millions contracts since we started selling in June 2019.
Signed Customers for the last 6 months



While we humans exist in three dimensions, our web today is flat. The web was designed for shared information, absorbed through a flat screen. But as proliferating sensors, ubiquitous AI, and interconnected networks blur the lines between our physical and online worlds, we need a spatial web to help us digitally map a three-dimensional world...
Fifth-generation wireless (5G) is the latest iteration of cellular technology, targeted to greatly enhance the speed and responsiveness of wireless networks. With 5G, data sent over wireless broadband connections could travel at rates as high as 20 Gbps and also offer latency of 1 ms or lower for uses that require real-time feedback. 5G will also enable a sharp increase in the amount of data transmitted over wireless systems due to more available bandwidth and newer antenna technology....
In the early days of the internet, we built website for businesses creating a myriad of mages, text and video. Now with so much bandwidth and new data centers being built, is your website ready for a 3D facelift? 3D content creation is becoming more affordable and common, our USP in ultra-fast mapping and scanning solutions and delivering rich interactive 3D apps should be put to good use to help businesses embrace digital transformation.
Web 1.0 is about you publishing data and users consume your content. Web 2.0 is about the READ-WRITE web, and UGC (User Generated Content)... The info-dump that was Web 1.0 eventually gave way to Web 2.0, which democratised participation through a plethora of interactive sites and applications and turbocharged information sharing. But emerging from this revolutionary (albeit non-interactive) info-dump, Web 2.0 has connected the planet more in one decade than empires did in millennia. Granting democratised participation through newly interactive sites and applications, today’s web era has turbocharged information-sharing and created ripple effects of scientific discovery, economic growth, and technological progress on an unprecedented scale.
Here comes the next web revolution - Web 3.0 is all about THE SPATIAL WEB. The Spatial Web refers to a computing environment that exists in three-dimensional space—a twinning of real and virtual realities—enabled via billions of connected devices and accessed through the interfaces of virtual and augmented reality. In this way, the Spatial Web will enable us to both build a twin of our physical reality in the virtual realm and bring the digital into our real environments.
It’s the next era of web-like technologies:
  1. 1.
    Spatial computing technologies, like 3D web, augmented and virtual reality;
  2. 2.
    Physical computing technologies, like IoT and robotic sensors;
  3. 3.
    And decentralised computing: both blockchain—which enables greater security and data authentication and edge computing, which pushes computing power to where it’s most needed, speeding everything up.
Geared with natural language search, data mining, machine learning, and AI recommendation agents, the Spatial Web is a growing expanse of services and information, navigable with the use of ever-more-sophisticated AI assistants and revolutionary new interfaces.
Think: the Oasis in Ready Player One, where anyone can create digital personas, build and invest in smart assets, do business, complete effortless peer-to-peer transactions, and collect real estate in a virtual world.
Or imagine a virtual replica or “digital twin” of your office, each conference room authenticated on the blockchain, requiring a cryptographic key for entry.
We are absolutely clear that in the not-too-distant future, every physical element of every building in the world is going to be fully digitised, existing as a virtual incarnation or even as N number of these. “Meet me at the top of the Marina Sands?” “Sure, which one?”
This digitisation of life means that suddenly every piece of information can become spatial, every environment can be smarter by virtue of AI, and every data point about me and my assets—both virtual and physical—can be reliably stored, secured, enhanced, and monetised.
In essence, the Spatial Web lets us interface with digitally-enhanced versions of our physical environment and build out entirely fictional virtual worlds—capable of running simulations, supporting entire economies, and even birthing new political systems.
This is the digitisation of LIFE - Imagine every business on the web embraces digitally mapped physical world as well as newly created virtual worlds. Our powerful all-in-one 3D data capturing and visualisation platform lets you turn an object or a space or cities into dimensionally accurate and immersive digital twin. The Spatial Web WILL Map Our 3D World - And Change Everything In the Process. The time to ACT is now.
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